Tire Rack Systems - 10' Height

Manufacturer: Stromberg

FOB: West Coast Warehouse

If you work with cars and tires, you need this: A complete system for storing tires in unused vertical space. With these racks in place, you’ll free up space, prevent product damage and save time with easy access to your tire inventory.

  • Safe and secure, each unit uses heavy-duty angled beams to hold tires in place without bars or any other locking devices.
  • Beams are adjustable on 1/2" centers.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Attach beams to solid welded verticals and mount on any block wall.
  • Standard color: Black.

Systems range from 2 to 6 tiers. Single- or double-sided units available. Single units can be expanded to hold up to 48 additional tires with Add-Ons.

4 Models Available for
Tire Rack Systems - 10' Height

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Model No. Description Dimensions No. of Tiers No. of Tires Weight Price Ea. Qty
CR2-4SES Starter Single Entry 5' W x 1' D x 10' H 4 32 82.4 lbs. $129.71
CR2-4SEA Add-On Single Entry 5' W x 1' D x 10' H 4 32 61.3 lbs. $98.65
CR2-4DES Starter Double Entry 5' W x 3.6' D x 10' H 4 64 164 lbs. $236.08
CR2-4DEA Add-On Double Entry 5' W x 3.6' D x 10' H 4 64 122.1 lbs. $187.32