Vestil Scratched and Dented Safety Barriers

Manufacturer: Vestil

Although the items listed in the Scratch and Dent Inventory are in working condition, none are new. For details, see the Vestil Limited Warranty. Accuracy of inventory information is not guaranteed.

Scratched and dented products are listed below. To see new products, remove -SND from the model number and enter it into the search box above.

Low Profile Rack Guard LPRO-SS-36-16-4-SND
Low Profile Rack Guard NPG6-12-SND
Low Profile Rack Guard LPRO-36-9-4-SND
Guard Rail System GR-4-PC-YEL-SND
Steel Pipe Safety Bollard BOL-42-2-SND
Steel Pipe Safety Bollard BOL-36-5.5-SND
Steel Pipe Safety Bollard BOL-24-5.5-SND
Steel Pipe Bollard with Chain Slot BOL-JK-42-4-SND

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8 Models Available for
Vestil Scratched and Dented Safety Barriers

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Model No. Quantity Description Status New Product Price Ea. Qty
LPRO-SS-36-16-4-SND 3 Low Profile Rack Guard Dented LPRO-SS-36-16-4 $416.53
NPG6-12-SND 1 Low Profile Rack Guard Chipped paint NPG6-12 $25.30
LPRO-36-9-4-SND 1 Low Profile Rack Guard Scratched LPRO-36-9-4 $130.03
GR-4-PC-YEL-SND 7 Guard Rail System Scratched - Dented GR-4-PC-YEL $72.50
BOL-42-2-SND 6 Steel Pipe Safety Bollard Scratched BOL-42-2 $69.01
BOL-36-5.5-SND 1 Steel Pipe Safety Bollard Dented BOL-36-5.5 $88.61
BOL-24-5.5-SND 4 Steel Pipe Safety Bollard Gouged BOL-24-5.5 $66.75
BOL-JK-42-4-SND 2 Steel Pipe Bollard with Chain Slot Dented BOL-JK-42-4-SND Call